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We do vegan safaris to Botswana, Zambia & South Africa


Botswana has some of the most amazing lodges in Africa. Shangana rates Botswana as the no 1 vegan safari destination. 

We offer lodge chains like Wilderness Safaris, Desert & Delta, under one Botswana sky and more.

We also tailor make lodge safaris using lodges that are owner run and managed.

From Mid Range lodges to the most prestigious lodges in Africa. We can arrange vegan and vegetarian lodge safaris.

Botswana Vegan Safaris

South Africa

South Africa Vegan Travel

South Africa has a growing vegan community so travelling as a vegan is great. Cape Town and the surrounding Winelands  have the widest variety of vegan options on the continent.

We offer trips to Kruger Lodges that specialize in vegan food, are eco and animal friendly destinations. 

We specialise in making your South African Safari an unforgettable experience.

On a Vegetarian safari in South Africa you get to introduce your family and friends to the animals as it should be.


Zambia is the undiscovered treasure trove of Africa. It shelters extraordinary natural beauty and is one of the most pristine and unspoiled wildlife havens on the continent.

It is easy to see why Zambia boasts one of the largest areas of land under protection as a national park in Africa. The thundering splendour of the Victoria Falls draws most visitors to this gentle and peaceful country.

Less frequented than Zimbabwe, many travelers prefer to see the falls from the Zambian side and some claim the views are even more spectacular.

Zambia Vegan Safaris
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