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An Animal Lover Safari

Vegan Safaris Africa
Wild Vegan

Experience the most emotionally moving safari as an animal lover on a vegan safari in Africa, the best safari destination in the world. Surrounded by animals and nature, a vegan safari in Africa is the perfect way to introduce your children to the animals living in their natural habitat.

At Vegan Safari Africa, we specialize in making your African safari an unforgettable experience. Don't worry about going hungry or  eating only spinach and beans - we offer delicious plant-based meals on all of our vegan and vegetarian safaris.

Vegan Africa Safaris and Adventures Harmonize with Nature, based in Maun, Botswana, offers a range of vegan and vegetarian safari options to suit all budgets, from luxury 5-star trips to more affordable old-style camping adventures. Explore the most amazing wild areas in Africa on a compassionate, cruelty-free safari.

Vegetarian safaris Africa
Vegan Food
Wild Vegan

PETA named African Vegan Safaris in their top 5 companies for African Animal Friendly Safaris.  What a great way to start 2023. Read more about PETA’s top animal-friendly African safaris.

Welcome to Vegan Africa Safaris

Are you looking for an ethical and animal-friendly way to experience the beauty of Africa on safari? Look no further! Our vegan safaris in Africa offer a compassionate and plant-based way to see the continent's stunning wildlife and landscapes.

Whether you are a vegan traveler seeking a guilt-free holiday or simply want to reduce your impact on the environment and local cultures, our vegan-friendly safaris offer a variety of options to suit your needs. We work with lodges and camps that are able to provide delicious, protein-rich vegan meals.

From the beauty of the Okavango Delta to Chobe National park, our vegan tours in Africa will take you on a journey of discovery and cultural exchange. You'll have the chance to learn about traditional plant-based diets and sustainable living practices while immersing yourself in the beauty and diversity of the continent.

So come join us on a vegan safari in Africa and discover a new way to travel that is kind to both people and the planet.


Wild Vegan
vegan Africa

From Lyn & Ian Traveled  September 2017

"Thank-you Helene,, for organizing our trip of a lifetime! It was an all-around amazing experience of 5-star vegan food, wonderful accommodations, and exceptional guides, bushmen trackers and hosts. You selected the perfect safari for us. With the wildlife, we always felt safe with our guides, even when being tracked by a hyena while walking in the bush, or avoiding a hippo while riding a Mokoro on the Delta. Our most thrilling experience was observing a Pride of 15 successfully hunt and feast on their catch, a Wildebeest, in the Kalahari. Our most soothing experience was awaking to bird song and frolicking elephants and hippos, in a treehouse on the Delta. Most heartwarming of all were our experiences learning local ancestral culture from the San bushmen of the Kalahari and receiving a good-bye song tribute from locals in the Chobe region. We loved every moment and truly appreciated being accommodated so lavishly in such environment-friendly, superb spaces.

Special shout-out to the people who made our stay so memorable:

  • Deception Valley Lodge in the Kalahari –Nishka (our 5-star chef), Jaco, Wynard (our guide), and the bushmen

  • Delta Camp – Mat (our host), MD (our guide)

Wildtrack Safari Eco Lodge - Brandon (our host), Andrew (our host and 5-star chef)
As well as all the staff who made our stay so comfortable"


From Mat & Jo Traveled  August 2017

"We had a wonderful experience on the safari. As you know it didn't get off to the best start and so we were quite stressed initially trying to rebook and reorganise everything (still waiting on BA for our compensation...). But you guys were amazing in helping us out and accommodating our situation. In fact as soon as we got to Botswana, everything was so well organised. The combination of Deception Valley and Delta Camp worked really well because they were so different, both in terms of geography and wildlife but also in the overall experience. We really enjoyed the walking in Delta Camp after three days of game drives . We were also really lucky to stay in the tree house which is surely going to be one of the most amazing bedrooms we will ever sleep in. The food at both camps was great. Some of Nishka's dishes were really awesome, the kind of food you'd expect to get in a Michelin Star restaurant. Overall a fabulous holiday and will definitely recommend you to friends, both vegan and non vegan"


From John & Terry Traveled October 2017

"Hi Helene / Rebecca

I hope you are both keeping well.

Please accept our apologies for the delay in responding, I’m afraid we were both straight back to work after our holiday with little free time.

Anyway, where do we start !! ……….It was the most wonderful Safari with amazing sites & sounds. We could not recommend it more, the three guys with us (apologies for the potential misspelling of their names) Madoon, Mohallie and Moses were terrific.

We felt lucky to be out on safari with Madoon as he had amazing knowledge and a real desire to track down all the animals for us - we were quite often the only ones sitting there, meters away watching Leopards and Vultures devouring their kill - truly spectacular.

Moses and Mo were great too, very attentive and spoil us with an array of vegan delights - we even had fresh bread and a couple of delicious cakes. 

Thank you both again for making this a wonderful stress free experience that we will never forget.

Finally, Helena it was lovely to meet a fellow vegan and we hope the vegan safaris continue to be successful for you. If you need any further recommendations or photo’s from us, we’ll be more than happy to help.


Best Regards,

John & Terry"


From Michiel van Deursen  October 2018


"After a long search on where we could head after Ironman was over, as a recovery trip, but also to completely relax, reset and just switch off from the world, we found Botswana. It was on the top places to visit in October, and started searching some vegan friendly safari trips.

30+ degrees every day, wildlife all around and no stressed from big cities or people. Complete wilderness. It sounded PERFECT! Especially with the added bonus that the places we were going to visit had a reputation for their gorgeous eco lodges and vegan food." you can read the blog here ="

From Annie Young  May 2022

My son and I have recently returned to England after spending 12 nights in beautiful Botswana. 

We spent 8 of those nights on a mobile camping safari with your company and it was truly wonderful. We were expecting to be in a group but it ended up just being the two of us.

The team who looked after us are all a great credit to your company. They were friendly, polite and totally professional throughout the trip. 

Our guide Leabo was so lovely and his knowledge and experience made it a truly great experience. We learnt so much from him!

The food was exceptional and the cook Mg (probably not spelt like that!), was an inspiration to us. How he managed to cook such amazing vegan food out in the Bush was beyond me! He made us look forward to every meal and we were never disappointed. 

Happy smiling Moola (again probably spelt differently!) was so sweet and nothing was too much trouble. I loved listening to him singing!

I would highly recommend this safari to anyone and have been telling friends they should go to Botswana!

Please thank your fantastic team, they made our safari truly special.

Kind regards

Annie Young

From Durst Family  July 2022

Helene from Vegan Safaris was the most lovely, helpful and patient travel guide we could ask for and we are so grateful for the trip she customized for us. We were a group of 6 (with two teenagers ) and she went above and beyond to make sure everything and everyone was taken care of. After initially meeting us at the Maun airport and making sure we got on our way with no problems- she was even reachable during our safari to help sort out any last minute changes and make sure everything was going well. She planned an incredible experience that was perfectly coordinated; each location was fantastic, entirely different and there was always vegan options for us. Tea time was especially delightful (vegan treats and baked goods ) and Chef Jack at Deception Valley made some vegan cakes that we still dream about.  The game at each location was stunning and always offered new surprises as we traveled from desert to water.  In the end- especially after experiencing it all firsthand- we truly are so grateful for the care and expertise it took to create such a beautiful trip. Highly recommend working with Helene and Vegan Safaris because she is so passionate not only about the vegan lifestyle, but also the land and experience. A trip of a lifetime! Thank you, Helene!

Thanks so much.

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