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Shangana Safaris Pty Ltd T/A Shangana Travel Agency

Postal Address: P.O. Box 319 Maun

Physical Address: Plot 303, Lions Gate Business Centre, Boseja, Maun 

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About me
Born and raised in Sussex, England, I grew up with an appreciation for beautiful country side and the value of living in a small community. In 1997 I got an opportunity to join two friends on a 3 month backpacking trip around Southern Africa.  

A week later we set off on this epic trip, hitch-hiking our way around Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana & Namibia. I was totally taken by the huge sense of freedom and adventure that it gave me. As our trip came to an end it was clear there was no turning back for me. The simplicity of living and the abundance of natural wilderness with its seemingly infinite array of beautiful birdlife, wildlife, insects and other creatures filled me with a sense of peace and wholeness I had never experienced in my life before. Africa had everything for me! Warm hearted people, soulful upbeat music, free living animals, loads of sunshine and a total lack of necessity to wear shoes.

I met my husband to be in Botswana where he had grown up, cruising the waterways of the vast Okavango Delta in his little rubber boat (Hope he doesn’t mind I called it little).  We embarked on over two decades of sharing our love for the wilderness, fun and adventure with visitors from all around the world.  What an amazing coalescence it was to be living so remotely while still being connected to a global community.
In 2017 with the ever growing worldwide concern for the welfare of our planet, my passion for animals, health and wellness, I decided to turn to a plant based diet in a bid to help the environment in not matter how small a way. I was also keen to explore a cleaner, healthier lifestyle and of course anything that reduced suffering to animals was a big win. Although I had grown up with vegans in my family I had always viewed it as rather extreme. After sticking with it for a period of time I realised that it was no longer a matter of employing great willpower to avoid meat and dairy, I had come to love eating this way and I felt great on it. In truth it has cultivated in me a love for food I never had before. Cooking had always seemed a bit of a chore to me. I now love exploring a much larger variety of foods and creating new dishes with fresh delicious ingredients.
It was now time to marry my new love for food with our wilderness Travel Company, because after all no safari can be fun when you are starving hungry. 
Vegan Safaris Africa is born!
At Vegan Safaris Africa it is not only our mission to ensure that you have delicious plant based or vegetarian food on your safari. We also take the time to seek out the most environmentally aware lodges and safari outfits available. It must also be noted that the safari guides taking our safaris are highly experienced and professional and exercise the highest level of respect for the wild animals and the environment upon sharing them with you. Being passionate about their work, they take great pride in sharing with guests their knowledge of the intricate and delicate relationships between the wild animals and their natural environment. Having grown up and coexisted with these animals being a part of their lives, the depth of their knowledge is outstanding.
It is our vison at Vegan Safaris Africa to provide visitors with a truly authentic African experience while keeping the impact on the environment to a minimum. It is also our aim to grow to such a point where we can provide valuable support to our local community, investing in projects that find solutions for sustainable tourism, particularly where the human wildlife conflict is concerned. There are also several smaller projects such as care, sterilisation and re-homing of stray dogs in rural areas boarding the national parks and veterinary care and education where animals such as Donkeys and Horses are employed by rural communities which we are proud to be supporting.

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