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 Wild Vegan Retreats and adventures Harmonize with Nature based in Maun, Botswana offer vegan and vegetarian safaris in the most amazing wild areas in Africa. From Luxury 5 star to more affordable Old style camping trips.

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Welcome to Africa! 

One of the largest un-spoilt wilderness areas left on earth, offering people from all around the world the opportunity to amerce themselves in deep wilderness, away from the extremely busy and developed world. People can bear witness to an ecosystem complete with its flora and fauna coexisting in relative undisturbed harmony. Experiencing this first hand, the value of our natural world and our need to protect it becomes abundantly clear. 
Sitting around the campfire at night brings us back to human life in its simplest form, evoking a great sense of peace and “fitting in”, Something that can seem quite lost in our modern lives.
This is a deeply emotional experience which awakens ones soul. You have time for reflection and objectivity before returning home to the hustle and bustle of modern life. It is our hope that every person will return inspired and with new eyes for their world as a whole bringing about more consciousness for life style and our impact on our beautiful planet earth. At Wild Vegan we let nature do the talking whilst nourishing you with an amazing variety of fresh and delicious Vegan food.
At Wild Vegan we seek to provide true wilderness experience’s combined with conscious eating.
Love, compassion and understanding for all things starts with the love compassion and understanding for oneself.