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Embark on an Ethical Safari Adventure - 2024
Discover the diverse landscapes of Botswana on an eco-conscious journey
Immerse yourself in nature with
 camping in Botswana's untamed wilderness
Connect with fellow eco-enthusiasts on our group safaris for a shared, safari experience
Enjoy exclusive, private eco-camps that prioritize sustainability on our tailored trips
Be accompanied by a dedicated, knowledgeable guide throughout your adventure

Day 1: Pick up from Maun
Departure from Maun at 3pm for a 2-hour drive to the Daonara area on the edge of the Okavango arriving at your riverside 
campsite in the late afternoon. Your tents will be set up before your arrival and the cooking of a campfire dinner preparations will 
be underway. After enjoying a fire warmed shower, you may sit back and watch the sun setting over a lagoon full of hippos and
crocodiles. As the sun has finished setting you are served a 2-course dinner under the stars

Day 2: Mokoro excursion and island game walk 
The first of the 5am wake up calls that will become part of your safari. After a full cooked breakfast you depart at 6:00am in a safari 
vehicle bound for a mokoro station deep inside the Okavango Delta. Arrival at the mokoro station is a little before 8am. You then go 
out for a couple of hours on the mekoro followed by a game walk of a couple of hours. After the game walk enjoy a nice picnic
spread back at the mekoro and a bit of relaxation in a nice shady location. At around 2pm set off on a 1 hour downstream mokoro 
ride back to the mokoro station for an hour game drive to your riverside camp for a warm shower and wonderful Okavango sunset. 
A campfire dinner is served at 7:30pm

Day 3: Drive to Moremi game reserve
A wake-up call at 5am for an early breakfast and then you embark on the safari vehicle at 6am for Moremi Game Reserve. You will 
arrive at Moremi South Gate at around 8am and from there head off on a slow game drive past Black Pools and through the wildlife
rich Western 12 flood plains of the Moremi Game Reserve. A picnic lunch in the 3rd Bridge area offers a break, you then head 
Northwards to our campsite in the Xakanaxa area. 
Arrival at the campsite is at around 5:30pm here you find your tented camp set up ahead of you and dinner preparations underway. 
Our staff will have heated water on the fire to fill your bucket shower for you to enjoy at your leisure. Each dome tent will have an 
enclosure attached at the rear of the tent with a bush toilet and shower.

Day 4: Full day in Moremi Game Reserve with boating 
After an early breakfast we will go out for a full day game viewing with a packed picnic lunch. At around 3:30pm we will go out on a 
2-hour boat cruise from the Xakanaxa boat station. The boat ride arrives back at sunset for a short drive back to camp.


Day 5: From Moremi to Khwai river 
After breakfast departure will be at around 7:30am. Our camp staff will remain to pack up camp and prepare the move to Khwai 
while you proceed for a full day game viewing with your packed picnic. You arrive at your new campsite in Khwai shortly before 
sunset to find our staff busying themselves as usual.

Day 6: Full day in Khwai with night drive 
On your full day in Khwai you will wake early as usual, have a quick light breakfast and go out as early as possible for a game drive. 
Late morning you head back to camp for a full cooked brunch and several hours of relaxation in camp. At around 4pm tea and 
snacks are served before heading out for a game drive that includes sunset and a little night driving to give you a chance to view 
some of the nocturnal wildlife. You arrive back at camp around 8:30pm for dinner.

Day 7: From Khwai to Savuti 
After breakfast you leave at around 7:30am. The camp staff will remain to pack up camp and prepare the move to Savuti while you 
proceed for a full day game viewing with your packed picnic. Arrival in your new campsite in Savuti will be shortly before sunset to 
find another mouth-watering fire cooked dinner being prepared.

Day 8: Full day in Savuti 
On the full day in Savuti you will wake early, have a quick light breakfast and go out as early as possible for a game drive arriving 
back in camp around 11am for a full cooked brunch and few hours of relaxation in camp. At around 3:30pm we serve tea and snacks 
and head out for a game drive until sunset.

Day 9: From Savuti to Kasane 
After enjoying our last cooked breakfast together we depart camp at around 7am. We start our 5 hour drive to Kasane with a last 
look around the Savuti area on the way. We end our safari in downtown Kasane at “The Coffee Buzz” at midday. If you wish us to 
book accommodation in Kasane

2024 Scheduled Departure Dates:
Start Maun 
29 March 
12 April 
26 April 
10 May 
24 May 
07 June 
21 June 
05 July 
19 July 
02 August 
16 August 
30 August 
13 September 
27 September 

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